'Our Faith can move Mountains' 

Matthew 17:20

Mountain Movers is a group of children led by Mrs Faulkner and supported by Alison Adlum from Manchester Diocese Changing Places Project. This group aims to develop our Christian distinctiveness, promote our school values, enhance children’s education and develop links within the community.

Our school is multi-cultural, our school family is made up of children from different faiths and different cultures. We all share the same values of love, hope , faith and trust and we are determined to uphold these values in our school.

The role of Mountain Movers is to help our children understand our school's Christian Values. We meet in order to discuss aspects of our school’s commitment to our Christian ethos, to work on being courageous advocates through sharing our experiences of faith to create a culture that Christianity is a living faith. 

We have led many projects including pop up prayer stations, acts of worship both within school and at Church, created faith trails within school, joined other ethos teams to share ideas in a collaborative event and we were even responsible for writing questions (and asking them) to recruit our current head teacher. Our most recent project was exploring prayer culminating in us learning British sign language (BSL) to sign the Lord's Prayer and deliver the importance of Christianity being an inclusive faith accessible for all. We are not afraid of big questions and revel in reflecting in what that means to us and to share this with others.

We aim to:

  • Support the school in developing its Christian distinctiveness

  • Work with children and adults to develop positive working relationships across our school community

  • Help plan Collective Worship and take an active part in its delivery

Wiggle Worship Facilitators

An important part of being a mountain mover is sharing our faith with others and one of the ways we do this is through supporting younger members of the St Stephen's Family during dedicated worship time. After our wiggle training from the Changing Places Project we support the delivery of wiggle worship and develop wiggle crafts for all children to access.


Love Prayer Station

The Mountain Movers facilitated a prayer station to allow children to enter during lunchtime to pray for a loved one. As the love heart gently melts in your mouth take the time to pray and have a conversation with God about someone you care about. As the Bible teaches us in 1 Corinthians 16:14 “Do everything in love.”

Hope Pop Up Prayer Stations

Throughout Autumn Term Mountain Movers have worked incredibly hard to support children and our St Stephen's family through prayer stations based around the key value of Hope. The Mountain Movers created 4 different stations :- Hope Blossoms, Hopeful Hopscotch, Clouds of Hope, God gives us Hope. The stations reached even more people and every station was packed with children and adults engaging with God.